(photo by ryan camarillo, 2016)

My work falls within the spheres of documentary photography and visual journalism, as well as portraiture and editorial modes. I approach photography from a position of friendship and collaboration. I work primarily in digital media, but use film intermittently in my personal work. I hand develop all my B&W film. I work in the United States.

In college, Lucinda majored in Sociocultural Anthropology and minored in Art History. Her photographic work reflects these two focuses. By day she is a case manager for refugee and immigrant youth and young adults. By night, she is a bread-baking coffee drinking acrobat artist. On the weekends, she just wants to walk around smelling roses and taking pictures. Lucinda has been photographing herself and others since 2006.

Contact me at lucindaroanoke@gmail.com.

on a walk with Sue dog

in barcelona with grandpa. 2017.

graduating college, 2016.
at age 12